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15U Girls - Maverick Ambush : Player Profile

Geneviève *

Nickname: Gen
Height: 5'2
Volleyball Resumé:

I have done young mavs 2012-2015. I played beach volleyball this summer 2014-2015. I played with my school team grades five and six. I have done many various camps (indoor, outdoor) I am currently playing with 13U Rattlers 2015-2016

Favourite Volleyball Moment: My utmost favourite volleyball moment is when I won second place at my first ever beach volleyball tournament. Another favourite moment was in Cobourg for another tournament and I consecutively got my overhand serves. My most recent favourite volleyball moment was when coach John offered me a spot with the 13U Rattlers.
Favourite Quote:

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

Favourite Band: Adele, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc.
Biggest Influence:

My biggest influences are my sister, my mom and my dad.

Grade Average: 4+
Career Life Goals:

My career goals are to continue playing competitive volleyball with the Mavericks. I also want to continue having an excellent grade point average allowing me to go to University. Once in University I would like to study in either Finance or Orthopedics.

5 Year Plan:

My five year plan is continue playing at the highest competitive volleyball level with great teammates. I also want to continue having excellent grades, amazing friendships and to be accepted at a University in either a Finance or Orthopedic program.

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