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Competitive/HP Tryouts

Tryouts are held for Competitive and the High Performance (HP) teams ONLY – all other programs (such as skill development sessions, youth and city leagues, summer and March Break camps, and beach programs) are filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Online sign-up to open soon for the 2016/17 tryouts for Competitive and HP teams. 

Please note: our tryout schedule may be subject to change due to possible gym permit cancellations. Check your email, our website, follow us on Instagram (@MavsVball) and Twitter (@MavsVolleyball), as we will be announcing any changes to the tryout schedule through those outlets.

When signing up for tryouts, please ensure you enter a valid email address that you check regularly (at least until tryouts are over and the signing process is complete).

Registrations and payment must be received in advance of tryouts. Parents are allowed – and encouraged – to stay and watch tryouts, plus they may be requested to attend a parent meeting in which details of the Club and various aspects of the team and coaching will be discussed.

Tryout Fee  
(non-taxable, non-refundable)
$33 online in advance closes at noon on Friday Sept 9th, or $40 at the door.

**OVA Tryout forms (for all under 17 years of age)

**OVA Tryout forms (for all over 18 years of age)

** mandatory for all who attend tryouts. Please print, sign (parents) and bring with you to the first tryout. You will need this at registration table.

Tryout Window Policy

The 2016/2017 Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA) season will mark the fourth season that the Tryout Window Policy has been in effect in Ontario. The OVA has refined the policy in each of the last two seasons and, as a consequence, the Maverick Volleyball Club has also reviewed how we conduct our tryout process. Our Club is a proponent of the policy as we strongly believe that athletes and their families should be evaluating, at least on an annual basis, whether our Club continues to serve their needs or if other options should be explored.

We encourage all athletes and their families to review and inform themselves on the OVA’s 2016/17 Tryout Window Policy

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Tryout Schedules

The tryout window for 2016 is September 8-16.
Maverick Signing Day will be announced shortly afterwards. 

Click here for most recent schedules.


September 9-17 – scheduled tryout period

September 17 – all Club offers will be made via the "OVA Offer Form" by this date.

September 18-19 – athletes offered spots on a team are able to sign their offer form with the Club.

Signing Day – date Sept 26th, the Club will collect deposit fees and forms as well as uniform and clothing sizing.


Playing Up and Playing Down Guidelines

OVA rules allow up to two over-age players per team. An athlete born from September 1st to December 31st, can opt to try out for a 1-year, lower-age-group team. This does not apply to 19U athletes. This new OVA guideline is intended to properly evaluate what is best for the athlete and allow them to play at the appropriate skill level.

Athletes who desire to "play up" or "play down" must indicate this, plus the reasons, on their Maverick Tryout registration form. 

• Playing Up: Athletes who feel their skill level is appropriate for a level above their age, can choose to tryout for an older team.

• Playing Down: Athletes born in September through December may choose to try out for a younger team (1 year younger than their actual age). 

All athletes requesting to play up or play down will be contacted by the Club prior to their first tryout with more information on how to proceed for the 2016/2017 tryouts.

Maverick Volleyball Playing Up/Down Guidelines 

Tryout Process

Based on feedback we have received in recent years, the Club has made three changes to its tryout process:

  1. The Maverick Club will make offers to athletes by Saturday September 17, 2016to comply with the Tryout Window – Phase 1 period (Sept 9-17).
    •     Athletes will be offered positions on teams via the OVA Offer Form by Sept. 17, 2016.
    •     Athletes are not required to commit until the signing period of Sept. 18 to 19.
  2. 15U to 18U High Performance Teams will not have strength and conditioning testing as part of the tryout process. Testing will be conducted once the teams are selected and athletes confirmed on the teams’ rosters.
  3. Elimination of the skills assessment portion of the tryout for 17U and 18U athletes, and an increased emphasis on the team play portion.

The selection process will include an assessment of various elements such as physical testing (all age groups), skill assessment (12U - 16U), and game situation assessment (all age groups)

All athletes within the same age group and gender – regardless of their intention/desire to play Competitive (COMP) or High Performance (HP) – will be assessed collectively in accordance with the OVA’s tryout policy. Our registration form has been updated to include all options.

Here are the steps each athlete will follow during the selection process.

Step 1: Initial Day – Physical Testing, Skill Assessment, and Parent Meeting

Step 2: Continuation 1 - combined COMP and HP Practice & Game Situation

 Within 24 hours after the session, coaches will:

- Make verbal/email communication to invite selected athletes to continue with HP tryouts.

- Make verbal/email communication to inform remaining athletes that they should continue with COMP tryouts.

Step 3: Continuation 2 - Practice & Game Situation, streamed into HP-specific and COMP-specific courts

 Within 24 hours after the session, coaches will:

- Make verbal communication to inform athletes whether they will receive an official offer

- Make verbal/email communication to inform athletes of their status on the team (i.e. alternates)

Step 4: Continuation 3 (if necessary) – repeat 2

Step 5: Offer/Intent to Sign Athlete 

By September 16, coaches will start contacting successful athletes and alternates to offer a roster spot and answer any questions the athlete or family may have.  Note: in some age groups, offers may be made prior to that date, depending on their final tryout session.

In the case of alternates, the coach will explain the situation and, if applicable, will coordinate options with another Maverick coach.

If the athlete is ready to accept the roster spot, he/she must officially sign by September 18, 2016.

If the athlete needs to review their options, he/she will have 48 hours (between Sept 16 and 18) to inform the coach of their decision. This 48-hour response window is to allow the coach to inform any alternates that may be impacted by this decision.

Step 6: Maverick Signing Day – (date Sept. 18) 

Athletes and families will attend (location to be determined) to sign and provide their non-refundable deposit payment of $400. Upon signing and payment of deposit, the athlete will be officially registered as a Maverick player.

Register for Tryouts 

Online registrations to be open soon.


• What does the fee include?

The non-refundable fee includes a Maverick t-shirt, physical testing (4 tests), skill assessment (3 skills), on-court practice (1-2 hours), off-court info sessions, athlete questionnaire & a scrimmage (1-2 hours).

A portion of these fees will also be donated to charity.

There are no refunds of the tryout fee for any reason.

• How many sessions do I have to attend?

Each athlete must attend a minimum of 2 tryout sessions. The first will be for the registration, physical testing and skill assessment. The second will include a practice, info session, questionnaire and game situation assessment. Typically 3 or more sessions may occur, and it is highly recommended that athletes attend every session to ensure proper assessment.

• What if I miss a tryout?

If for any valid reason, an athlete misses any tryout session, they must contact the Head Coach of that age division. For the first testing session, there is a scheduled makeup date. If the athlete misses a second or subsequent session, please contact the head coach of that specific team to determine if there could be another time available for assessment; the Head Coach has final say in these matters, they are not obligated in any way to provide additional assessment time. 

If there is a conflict between another Club’s tryout and ours, we recommend that you inform us in advance and we will help you work out any such conflicts to create a solution that maximizes the options for the athlete. More information is available here: How the Club will apply the OVA's revised 2016/2017 tryout window policy.

• What is the difference between HP and Competitive programs?

The Competitive Program is designed for athletes who wish to play the sport at a serious competition level. Competition is usually centred on the OVA schedule. Supplemental local and regional tournaments may be added. Comp teams have the option of competing at Volleyball Canada Nationals in the spring. 

The High Performance Program aims to maximize each athlete's individual potential, in combination with team fortitude and cohesion, through the addition of supplemental practice and training methodologies (such as nutrition, mental and strength/agility training). HP teams compete more often, and both interprovincially and internationally, and a higher level of time commitment is required. All HP teams are expected to compete at the Canadian National Competition.

• Should I try out for High Performance (HP) or Competitive?

Physical testing and skill assessment are at the same time and gyms for all athletes in an age division (both HP and Competitive). Next is a combined practice and game session, during which potential HP candidates will be identified. Any athlete not selected to an HP team will continue tryouts in the Competitive stream. Be aware that the HP program requires a higher level of time commitment and also travel and is geared for a progression to varsity post-secondary recruitment. Any athlete in the HP stream can opt to change to the competitive stream at any point in the tryout process (no additional tryout cost).

• What age groups have Competitive teams?

The Maverick Volleyball Club fields gender-specific competitive teams at all age groups from 13U to 18U where sufficient numbers exist.

• What age groups have HP teams?

The Maverick Volleyball Club prides itself in following the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and therefore we only offer HP teams at the "train to compete" level and above. We offer HP programs for the following:
Girls: 15U, 16U, 17U, 18U.
Boys 16U, 17U, 18U.

• How much does it cost to be on a Competitive team?

As a non-profit organization, Maverick team fees are cost-recovery only. Budgets set by the Club Financial Officer cover all fixed operating costs, such as: OVA registration and tournament entry fees, team uniforms and practice T's, coaching, and practice requirements (gyms, balls, equipment), and a seat at the year end banquet. Additional competitions, travel and accommodation are "pay as you go" based on an agreed upon season plan.

• How much does it cost to be on a High Performance (HP) team?

Maverick HP fees are set by each individual team within Club parameters and must achieve a zero-based budgeting outcome. Team budgets are set by the coaching staff in cooperation with, and approved by that team's parent group. Budgets include OVA registration fees, all tournament entry fees (including Nationals and international or interprovincial play), travel and accommodation to all tournaments, practice requirements (gyms, balls, equipment), team gear, coaching, supplemental training (nutrition, sport psyche, and strength trainers), and a seat at the year-end banquet. Any remaining balance is returned to the parents at the end of the season. 

• What age division do I fall into?

Players must be under the designated age catergory based on their birth date.

Examples: athlete is born in 2001 :

  • 12 August 2001 = 16U and under   
  • 20 November 2001 = 16U and under OR 15U and under
  • 14 February 2001 = 16U and under

2016-2017 SEASON

13 and Under (13U) - born in 2004 or later

14 and Under (14U) - born in 2003 or later

15 and Under (15U) - born in 2002 or later

16 and Under (16U) - born in 2001 or later

17 and Under (17U) - born in 2000 or later

18 and Under (18U) - born in 1999 or later

• How long is a competitive or HP tournament season?

The competitive tournament season starts in Nov-Dec and end in Apr-May. Once teams are formed, teams start to practice. Most competitive teams play up to 4 OVA tournaments (1 day event) plus Provincial and/or Nationals (2-3 day events). HP teams play a few more tournaments (4-5 more), depending on the seasonal budget of each team (which is drafted by the coach following consultation with the parents).

If you have any further questions, please send an email to



Make sure your registration information includes a valid email address that you check regularly.


Interested in coaching or assistant coaching positions?

The Maverick Volleyball Club accepts coaching applications year round. Visit our Coaching application page for more information. 


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