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Programs: Competitive (Comp) Options / texte français

The Competitive Program is designed for athletes who wish to play the sport at a serious competition level. There are three Comp levels (Comp, Selects, Pre-HP).

Competition is usually centred on the OVA schedule. Supplemental local and regional tournaments may be added according to parents’ wishes (each team and each year is different). Comp teams have the option of competing at Volleyball Canada Nationals in the spring, but it is not mandatory.

            Comp Girls teams: 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17U.
            Comp Boys teams: 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U.


As a non-profit organization, Maverick team fees are cost-recovery only. Competitive-level fees (including Selects and Pre-HP) are set by the Club Financial Officer – these cover all fixed operating costs such as: OVA registration and tournament entry fees, team uniforms and practice T's, coaching, and practice requirements (gyms, balls, equipment), and year-end celebration for the athlete. Any additional competitions, travel and accommodation costs are "pay as you go" based on the parent-approved season plan. At the end of the season, budgets will be reconciled and any remaining balance will returned to the parents (or shortages invoiced).


Programs will vary by teamage and gender. Teams will practice a minimum of twice a week, with practices being approximately 2 hours in duration. Younger teams, 13U to 16U, usually between 6-9pm, while the older groups typically practice from 8-10pm on weeknights. Some teams practice on Sundays. (Practice days and locations typically announced during tryouts.)


All teams compete in tournaments sanctioned by the Ontario Volleyball Association (OVA). Generally, teams will play in four OVA-sanctioned tournaments during the year including the two-day Provincial Championships. Some teams may opt to play in additional tournaments in Quebec and Ontario. All teams are encouraged to attend the Eastern Canadian Championship or National Championships as the case may be. Parents of each team will make this decision by the end of December. Take a look at the Ontario Volleyball tournament schedule. Note: Tournament locations announced 2-3 weeks before each tournament.

  • The Selects program is part of the Competitive stream for girls. It is designed to extend large-group training beyond the initial September tryouts in order to select athletes for our final competitive team(s).

            The number and age groups of Selects teams depend on tryout numbers and coach availability.

  • The Pre-HP program is also in the competitive-level stream. It introduces some of the High Performance concepts, one year before the official HP program begins. The Pre-HP program offers supplemental training sessions as well as one strength/conditioning session a week, and an introduction to mental training concepts. These teams are most likely to compete a few more tournaments than a regular competitive team.

            Pre-HP Girls team: 14U
            Pre-HP Boys team: 15U


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