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Try-Out Schedule / texte français


Preliminary safety protocols listed below. (français)

Schedule subject to change until Friday Sept 18th at noon. Last modified Sept 17th.

Most age groups have been scheduled for two tryout sessions. It's in your best interests to attend both to ensure a full assessment.

• • • • •


"My daughter did attend both sessions. She really appreciated that there is one more chance to demonstrate her skills. She felt that she performed better on the second day because she knew the drills better and because coaches asked her to demonstrate more enthusiasm!" – Parent

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RSC entry and parking (1 Donald St)

  • Parking Spots available to RSC (remember no spectators allowed during tryouts)
  • Tennis Parking Lot (closest to RSC): 12 spots
  • 2nd Parking Lot (closest to North River Road): 26 spots
  • Donald Street angled city parking (3-hour limit): 42 spots + 3 accessible spots
  • Strathcona Park parking lot (short walk across the Adawe Bridge): 34 spots + 1 accessible spot (to access this parking lot by car, go north on N. River Rd, cross the river at Montreal Rd, then turn left onto Charlotte St to Range Rd.)

SAFETY PROTOCOLS (check regularly for any updates until Friday Sept 18th)

If you feel unwell, please stay home and contact us ( for further instructions.

  1. Players and coaches are all required to complete the self-screening questionnaire (to be provided online) before each session. If you feel unwell, please stay home and contact us ( for further instructions.
  2. No spectators will be allowed.
  3. Wear a mask everywhere except on court.
  4. Arrive only 15 minutes before your tryout time and check-in with a coach.
  5. Respect and maintain social distancing at all times (including water breaks and on-court explanations).
  6. Bags/equipment must be placed in an assigned space.
  7. Bring only the minimum, including a large full water bottle. Come dressed ready to go on court except for your shoes.
  8. Bring your own hand sanitizer – you will be required to use hand sanitizer at every water break.
  9. Leave the gym immediately after your session.
  10. Balls and nets will be sanitized during and after each session.


  1. Les joueurs/joueuses et les entraîneur(e)s sont tous tenus de remplir le questionnaire d’auto-évaluation (qui sera fourni en ligne) avant chaque séance. Si vous ne vous sentez pas bien, veuillez rester à la maison et communiquer avec nous ( pour obtenir d’autres instructions.
  2. Aucun spectateur ne sera autorisé.
  3. Portez un masque partout sauf sur le terrain de volley.
  4. Arrivez seulement 15 minutes avant votre heure d’essai et enregistrez-vous avec un entraîneur(e).
  5. Respecter et maintenir la distanciation sociale en tout temps (y compris les pauses d’eau et les explications sur le terrain).
  6. Les sacs et l’équipement doivent être placés dans l’espace qui vous est assigné.
  7. Apportez seulement le minimum, y compris une grande bouteille d’eau pleine. Venez habillé(e) prêt à aller sur le terrain, sauf pour vos chaussures.
  8. Apportez votre propre désinfectant pour les mains – vous devrez utiliser du désinfectant pour les mains à chaque pause-eau.
  9. Quittez le gymnase immédiatement après votre séance.
  10. Les ballons et les filets seront désinfectés pendant et après chaque session.
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