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SummerFun Camp Details / texte français

Please note that most staff members are bilingual and information can be provided to your child in French and English.

Further details will be sent to you via the emails entered on the registration form, so please ensure that "" is entered as one of your safe contacts so that our emails to you do not get targeted by your spam filter.

Sign in and out procedures 
On day 1, your child will report to the registration table to receive his/her Maverick Tshirt. On subsequent days, their coach will take attendance and sign out duties. Participants who have not been given sign-out privileges will sign out with a parent or assigned representative before leaving. If your child is arriving or leaving camp without a parent, please let us know on or before the first day. This includes older participants, or those walking or biking to camp. We will allow them to sign out themselves based on your instructions.

Site Manager 
We will send Site Manager contact information to your email in case you need to contact the camp for emergencies or with absence alerts. The Site Manager is responsible for camp programming, coaching staff, and for the safety and security of camp participants. If you have any questions please feel free to speak with the Site Manager in person at the camp.

Please advise us if your child will be absent for a day or part of a day. Sending an e-mail or text message to the site manager via the contact information we will send to the email(s) you entered on your registration form.

In order to provide a safe environment for children with nut allergies, please refrain from including nut products in your child's lunch. If your child suffers from life-threatening allergies, please inform the Site Manager and other Head Coaches, plus ensure your child has appropriate protection, such as an epi-pen.

Food  (remember, it's important to eat healthy foods during the camp)
These young athletes will play hard and need quality sustenance!

• Include: juices & water, meat, fruits, vegetables, breads. 
• Try to avoid food with lots of sugar!
• Plan for at least 2 snacks and 1 lunch each day
• Your child should bring a large water bottle (write name on it) 
• Please refrain from including nut products

Equipment for Athletes (please identify equipment with name of child)

• Indoor shoes: preferably volleyball shoes or cross trainers  
• Outdoor shoes (for possible alternative outdoor activities)
• Sunscreen (for outdoor sessions)
• Extra t-shirts, socks, underwear (to replace sweaty ones)
• Knee pads  
• Large, refillable water bottle (see above)
• Notebook and pencil (coaches will include journaling in their training) 

Please note that precautions will be taken to make sure the participants are properly hydrated and not overheated. Camp will not be cancelled due to weather conditions.

Daily Schedule - sample 

Arrival of participants (group assignments on first day)
Review of previous day activities (comments from participants & coaches)
Warm up  and Learning Session 1
LUNCH BREAK (30 minutes)
Games and challenges (other than volleyball)
Learning Session 2
Game play (varied formats, rotation, position etc.)
Departure of participants

Pre- and post-supervision
Should parents wish before or after camp supervision for their child, please contact:

Each of the three groups will be guided by one head coach and one or two assistant coaches. The head coaches are all very experienced coaches in the Maverick Competitive Club; most have competed at University and some at National levels. Your pre-camp email will provide brief biographies of the Head Coaches at your site. Please make sure to include to your safe email list and add to your contact list.

Grouping by age and skill 
On the first morning of the camp, the athletes will be quickly evaluated and separated into three groups depending on their age and playing level. This will ensure that each player progresses at his or her own pace. These groups may change during the course of the week, however, we will try to keep friends together (if players mention this to coaches).

In the regretful eventuality that disciplinary measures need to be taken, a warning will be issued to the participant for the first offence, and the parent/guardian will be advised of the situation. We prefer to ensure a positive group experience for everyone, therefore, if the problem persists, the organizers may remove the athlete from the camp.

Program Administration & Management
For administrative concerns, please contact Ian by email at

If you have any questions or concerns about the overall management of the camp or programs, please contact Kerry at or 613-262-8277.

Thank you for choosing Maverick Volleyball Camps
Enjoy an active summer!

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