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Tryout COVID Safety Protocols / texte français

9 Sept 2021

With tryouts beginning this weekend, it is important for you to consider that if you or your athlete (12+) intends to participate in volleyball activities this season, you must anticipate that proof of vaccination (it is not clear if or how exemptions will be made by facilities) for those who are eligible to be vaccinated, will be a requirement to train, play and be a spectator in Ontario facilities as well as some out-of-province facilities. We already know, based on the Ontario government’s announcement, that athletes will not be able to take part in strength and conditioning sessions at Capital Strength (or any other gym) if they are eligible for vaccination but are not fully vaccinated. Many facilities are also choosing to mandate vaccination as well.

As facilities establish their vaccine mandates, we will need to adjust our protocols. Please check back (or watch your emails) before you leave for your tryout time.


As we continue to follow provincial and municipal guidelines, there will be no spectators allowed in gyms during tryouts. Parents are asked to please drop-off and pick up athletes outside of the facility.

The procedures described below are designed in accordance with the OVA's Return to Play Reference Guide and Event Hosting Guidelines Appendix K.

Health Screening Procedures:

La Cite

Aged 12 and older:

– Must be double vaccinated (14 days) OR single vaccinated PLUS negative COVID test

– Complete La Cite Screening. This form can also be found by scanning posters at the entrance

– Show clearance on your phone to La Cite security upon entering the facility

Under 12 years of age:

– Complete Ontario's online screening questionnaire

– Show proof of clearance at check-in


Rideau Sports Centre

School-aged children complete Ontario's online screening questionnaire

All others complete Ontario's online employee screening questionnaire

Show proof of clearance at check-in


RA Centre

School-aged children complete Ontario's online screening questionnaire

All others complete Ontario's online employee screening questionnaire

Show proof of clearance at check-in

Additional Protocols:

All  Organizers/Volunteers

  1. If you feel unwell, please stay home. Contact Kara Potvin via email at to inform her of your situation.
  2. Wear a mask before entering and while inside the facility.
  3. Follow the facility’s entry and exit directions.


  1. Excel will be used to capture required registration information (Health screen and MRS).
  2. TeamGenius will be used to capture player evaluations.
  3. Confirm proof of health screening by player upon entry to the facility at RSC and RA Centre for all participants. Confirm proof of health screening for those 11 and under at La Cite. At La Cite those 12 and over will be screened by La Cite staff.
  4. Record health screening clearance and MRS information in Excel.


  1. Schedule ensures enough time between end of one session and arrival of new athletes to effectively clean and sanitize surface areas.
  2. Ensure that there is 2m spacing between tables.
  3. One volunteer per table.
  4. Provide disinfecting wipes for surfaces and objects.
  5. All volunteers to wear a face mask for duration of tryout administration activities.
  6. Place markings on the floor where athletes should line up and wait to complete their tryout. check in to maintain physical distancing.
  7. Identify bag drop zones in the gym that encourage physical distancing.
  8. Identify a location where athletes that become unwell during tryouts can isolate while waiting for their emergency contact to arrive and pick them up.

Coach Procedures

  1. Coaches are to wear masks for the duration of their time in the facility including on court.
  2. Coaches will spray soapy water on balls and wipe down the net tape and antennae between try out sessions.
  3. If you begin to feel unwell while at the tryout session, no matter how mild the symptoms, contact the Coaching organizer and go home.

Athlete Procedures

  1. Arrive at the facility no more than 15 minutes before your tryout is scheduled to start.
  2. Be prepared to show proof of your daily health screening clearance (all sessions) and completed MRS Registration (first session) - you will be unable to participate in tryouts without these two items.
  3. Come to tryouts dressed and ready to play - there will be no change rooms; you can put your court shoes on in the gym.
  4. Bring a full water bottle and hand sanitizer for your bag.
  5. Mask up before entering the facility.
  6. Please maintain 2m (6 feet) physical distance between yourself and other people.
  7. Follow the directions of Mavs volunteers to complete your tryout check in.
  8. Place your bag in the assigned area in the gym.
  9. Please continue to wear your face mask for warm up and cool down activities, when receiving instruction or while you are waiting to participate in an activity; you do not need to wear a mask when participating in drills.
  10. Sanitize your hands following all water breaks.
  11. Participants must have closed containers (e.g. Ziploc bags) to allow for the safe disposal or storage of all hygienic materials (i.e. Kleenex, towels, etc)
  12. Celebratory behaviours that do not adhere to physical distancing are not permitted (i.e. hand slapping, high-fiving, etc).
  13. When your tryout time is completed, please mask up, sanitize your hands, gather your things and exit the facility following all signage.

If you begin to feel unwell while at the tryout session, no matter how mild the symptoms:

– Players should immediately tell a MAVs coach and either the coach or player must contact the emergency contact to go safely home.

– Anyone who is feeling unwell should wear a face mask or cloth face covering right away, maintain a physical distance of 2 metres (6ft) from others to await ride pick-up (unless the athlete is driving themselves, in which case the athlete should go home immediately).

– Self-isolate, run your cleaning protocol immediately. Have all other athletes and coaches sanitize hands – the tryout can continue.

– While waiting for a ride home, the player should leave the gym to safely wait for their ride.

– Contact your family health practitioner or local public health authority to determine the next steps.

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