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Financial Assistance

There are a few options for athletes and parents to acquire financial assistance and/or request financial support including:

1.    Payment Schedule Options

The Club is flexible to a different payment schedule than what is set out for the team.  We can create a payment schedule that you are more comfortable with, such as:

  • lower payments extended over a longer period (i.e. October - May vs. October to March)
  • perhaps you can commit a lower payment in the first few months, but may have a more funds in the Spring (i.e. tax refund).

2.  Subsidies/Foundation Options

There are several community funds that are available to athletes that parents can apply for, including:

A.  Maverick Athlete Benevolent Fund

  • Up to $500 per athlete is available;
  • Funds are redirected to the team budget on behalf of the player;
  • Application Deadline: Oct. 31


  • The attached Funding Request Application Form that needs to be filled out and sent to Sheila at your earliest convenience. If possible, please have your coach send an email to Sheila Roy to verify your involvement with their team, the team fees, and payment schedule.
  • Send a scanned copy of your 2015 Income Tax Notice of Assessment or one paystub to Sheila directly. This information is confidential. I can also arrange to pick a copy up from you at a practice if you prefer.
  • Contact: Sheila Roy at or 613-863-0127

B.   Canadian Tire - Jumpstart Program

  • Administered by local YMCA/YWCA chapter
  • Max. $250/athlete
  • Application form needs to be filled out online at
  • Coach needs to provide endorsement within the application form
  • Process is approx. 6 weeks.  The funds are paid directly to the Club. The Club will redirect the funds to the team budget.

C.  KidSport Ontario

  • Max. up to $350/athlete/year
  • Requires Club registration form; quote for equipment; income verification (Notice of Assessment; 3 consecutive paystubs or EI)
  • Club endorsement letter is required
  • Funds will be paid to the Club. The Club will redirect the funds to the team budget
  • The deadline for application is December 1 for Jan-April timeframe.

D.  Their Opportunity

  • Provides funding from children who come from a total combined household income of $45,000 or less to enroll in sport and recreational activities. The parents’ tax assessment is required from the previous year.
  • Once that child is funded they must go out in the community and volunteer to complete a give-back within a specific time period.
  • Require confirmation of the total cost of the volleyball fees and to confirm registration with the Club.
  • Application:

3.  Other Options:

 A)   Work at Young Mavs - Camps and Classes (must be 16U and over)

For athletes in the 16U or older teams, there may be additional space for assistant coaches to work for the Maverick Club's development programs (Young Mavs, camps, etc) held throughout the year: 

  • Athlete works for $11.50/hr - $14/hr depending on your experience
  • Rather than salary paid to athlete, funds are redirected to the Team budget
  • Youth can count the hours for volunteer hour requirements

Contact: Ian Whamond (

B)  Other Fundraising / Sponsorship Options

  • Teams may choose to host a tournament or other fundraisers such as bottle drives, raffles, sell cheese or chocolate to reduce the cost of registration. Some parents may want to opt out of this, but there may be parents who also would like to apply their fundraising efforts directly to their fees. Discuss these options with your team manager.
  • Teams choosing to host a Tournament Canteen can approach companies to sponsor the food, thus increasing their fundraising total. Attached is a template for a food and beverage donation letter that you can modify and hand out to potential sponsors (such as Gatorade, Metro or Loblaws, etc.)
  • Teams may acquire team sponsors - funds are directed to the Team budget and a formal letter is provided to the sponsor for business purposes. Logos/signage may be required based on the sponsor benefits as agreed with a potential sponsor.
  • Individuals can provide in-kind donations that are budget-relieving items (i.e. donating use of van vs. renting a van - the retail cost of the rental could be applied as an in-kind donation). This would have to be agreed upon among the team manager, treasurer& coach.
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