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CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball / texte français


CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball

CROSSNET is a revolutionary four-square volleyball game that can be set up in minutes and played almost anywhere. The game is perfect for those who love being active and competitive with friends.

CROSSNET requires a minimum of four players, and any additional players can rotate in as
the game progresses, giving everybody a fair opportunity at playing.

The object of the game is to win rallies in order to advance to the serving square, where you can accumulate points to win. If a player misplays the ball, they move to the back of the line.

CROSSNET is available on the Maverick’s merchandise store for $199.99

Want to involve more players in the fun? With the CROSSNET Doubles bundle, you have the option to increase the size of each square so you can play in teams of two, allowing eight or more players to play at one time!

The CROSSNET + Doubles Bundle comes with a CROSSNET and the Doubles Add-On at a discounted price of only $269.99

Make arrangements to pick up your CROSSNET today at one of three convenient locations, or choose home delivery for a $25 fee.

Pick up your CrossNet from one of these locations

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