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Club News Story

Uniform Package Explained

2023 / 10 / 06

Competitive-level travelling teams (national and provincial) are now using a new uniform app – thank you all for your patience and feedback, it helps us improve.
The team uniform package (part of your team fees) includes:
  • 1 game jersey,
  • 1 pair of game shorts (or leggings),
  • 1 three-pack of socks (or 1 pair of kneepads), and
  • 2 practice shirts (1 shirt for CTC)
Every player must have a full set, in optimum condition, for competition play.
Until this year, we distributed a full set to every player every year, however It has become clear that players who have been competing for many years may have a dresser full of socks and maybe shorts by now. And yet others have kneepads that are in dire need of replacement after years of sweat and sliding. And new players often require at least two pairs of shorts.
The advent of this amazing "uniform app" has allowed us to give families the option to order extras of some things or opt out of other items (as long as they have enough that are in good condition for competition play). So, instead of ordering every thing for every player, each family can make their own decisions.
It means that every player must complete the app – whether they need anything or not. if you do not select an item on the uniform app, you will not receive it, and that part of your team fees will be refunded when your account is reconciled later in the season.
Players, and the contacts listed in their TeamSnap profile, will receive a personalized link by email. That link is unique to them. Upon completion of all fields, their order will be finalized and items gathered for delivery.
How does this impact your team fees?
For efficiency of getting accounts set up quickly, the uniform package must remain consistent across all teams. However, when it comes time for reconciling each indiividual account, this database will be accessed and individuals will have their uniform costs adjusted to include either refunds for items not selected, or add-ons for extra items selected.
How are items distributed?
Shorts, socks and kneepads are in stock and ready for MavsNight in November. Although we are running late getting the jersey orders in due to various reasons, the other items are ready and waiting to be packaged up by player as soon as all of the orders are in.
Volunteers for packaging in advance of MavsNight would be extremely welcome (send me an email).
Will this be the new normal?
Partially – however if the app is a great success, the long-term plan is to remove the uniform package items from team fees entirely, and have families order and pay for only what they need using the app. Hopefully that option will be working for next year.
Don’t hesitate to contact <> for any further clarifications.


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