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Club News Story

Try-outs for our 35th Season

2019 / 08 / 07

 Full Try-out Schedule and registration info to follow.

Our season runs from October 1st to May 26th 2020

Check back with us soon to get the registration link for tryouts

Head coaches to be announced starting Aug 15th....

Teams this season will be based on the following age classifications according to the OVA Youth Competition Manual:

Age Categories Athletes can participate in the age category associated with either the Chronological Age Class or the Extended Age Class per the below: 

OVA Age Category-

Chronological Age Class

12 & Under Born 2008 or later

13 & Under Born 2007 or later

14 & Under Born 2006 or later

15 & Under Born 2005 or later

16 & Under Born 2004 or later

17 & Under Born 2003 or later

18 & Under Born 2002 or later

Extended Age Class

-Athletes born from Sept-Dec of the previous year.

12 & Under Born between September 1st 2007 and December 31st 2007

13 & Under Born between September 1st 2006 and December 31st 2006

14 & Under Born between September 1st 2005 and December 31st 2005

15 & Under Born between September 1st 2004 and December 31st 2004

16 & Under Born between September 1st 2003 and December 31st 2003

17 & Under Born between September 1st 2002 and December 31st 2002

18 & Under Born between September 1st 2001 and December 31st 2001

For more info contact

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