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Team News – Boys

Competitive and High Performance Team tryouts take place in September. Sign up for our Newsletter for email alerts of when new season tryout dates and locations are finalized. If you are unable to make the tryout dates, please contact us and we will attempt to make other arrangements

 Selection Process

As in previous years, the selection process will include an assessment of various elements such as physical testing, skill assessment and game situation assessment. 

The main difference this year is that all athletes within the same age group/genderregardless of their intention/desire to play Competitive (COMP) or High Performance (HP) will be assessed collectively due to the new tryout policy.

Here are the steps each athlete will follow during the selection process.

Step 1 - Initial Day (weekend) – Physical Testing, Skill Assessment & Parent Meeting

Step 2 - Continuation 1 (weeknight) for both COMP and HP – Practice & Game Situation)

Within 24 hours of the end of the session coaches will:

-Make verbal/email communication to invite selected athletes to continue with HP tryouts.

-Make verbal/email communication to inform athletes that they will not be considered for the HP team and to continue with the COMP tryouts.

Step 3 - Continuation 2 (weeknight) – Practice & Game Situation with specific HP and COMP Courts

Within 24 hours of the end of the session coaches will:

- Make verbal communication to inform athletes whether they will be made an official offer on September 16, 2017

- Their status on the team (i.e. currently an alternate)

Step 4 - Continuation 3 (weeknight - if necessary) – see above

Step 5 - Signing Day (call in the AM, signing in the PM along with $TBD deposit)



To Register

Tryout registrations are to open soon.



Do you have more questions about tryouts?  Check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the main tryout page, it might hold the answer you are looking for.  

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